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Published Children’s Picture Books (Several with international distribution and foreign language translations)


Text and Illustrations

Cowboy Kid (1996). Ashton Scholastic (NZ).

Peggy’s Pig (1995). Harper Collins (NZ).

Snap Happy (1995). Harper Collins (NZ). Co-authored with Margaret Beames.

Clyde’s Ride (1993). Ashton Scholastic (NZ). Translated into Maori, 2000.

Going for Fish (1991). Ashton Scholastic (NZ).

The King’s Cat (1987). Ashton Scholastic (NZ). Translated into French.

Joey’s Umbrella (1987). Ashton Scholastic (NZ).

Going to Grandma’s (1987). Ashton Scholastic (NZ). Translated into French, Maori, 2001.

Have You Ever Seen? (1986). Ashton Scholastic (NZ). Transcribed into Braille.

Danny’s Dilemma (1986). Ashton Scholastic (NZ).



The Day Pearl Ran Through Town (1998). Scholastics (NZ). Illustrated by Brent Putze. This was also anthologised in The Puffin Treasury of New Zealand Children’s Stories, Vol. 3 (2006). Jenni Keestra (Ed). Puffin Books, NZ.

Clyde Klutter’s Room (1988). Sunshine Books (Wendy Pye) MacMillans. Translated into Spanish. Illustrated by Geoff Fowler.



The Life Sized Inflatable Whale (1998). Scholastics (NZ). Written by Gaelyn Gordon. Finalist and Winner, Children’s Choice Award, New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards, 1999.

The Mysteries of Blimp (1995). Harper Collins (NZ). Written by John Parker.

I’m Not A Compost Heap (1995). Harper Collins (NZ). Written by Janice Marriott.

Fortunate Flats (1995). Reeds (NZ). Written by Gaelyn Gordon.

Robert’s Robot (1994). Harper Collins (NZ). Written by Gaelyn Gordon.

The Technological Trolley (1994). Ashton Scholastic (NZ). Written by Cynthia Todd-Maguire.

Woody and Her Friend (1994). Harper Collins. Written by John Parker.

The Secret of Boomer Lake (1994). Harper Collins (NZ). Written by Ken Catran.

Aunt Jasmine Reading Series (1995). Reed Publishing (NZ). Written by Terry Martin (10 book series).

Cleo’s Christmas (1992). Heinemann Educational (NZ). Written by Pam Neville.

You Do Ride Well (1992). Heinemann Educational (NZ). Written by Linda Bruce.

The Tickle Bugs (1990). Shortland Publications (NZ). Written by Ngarangi Naden. Translated into Maori.

Jerome the Juggler (1990). Murdock Books (Australia). Written by Pauline Cartwright.

The Two Foolish Cats (1990). Shortland Publications (NZ). Written by Leanna Traill.

The Lion and the Mouse (1990). Shortland Publications (NZ). Written by Avelyn Davidson.

The Boy Who Liked Shopping (1990). Murdock Books (Australia). Written by Carol Kreuger.

Waiting (1989). Shortland Publications (NZ). Written by Jennifer Beck.

The Boo de Roo (1989). Shortland Publications (NZ). Written by Ron Bacon.

Why Elephants Have Long Noses (1989). Shortland Publications (NZ). Written by Ron Bacon.

Dad’s Day in Bed (1989). Shortland Publications (NZ). Written by Roger Hall.

Sneezes: A traditional rhyme (1989). Shortland Publications (NZ). Translated into Spanish.

The Noise Festival. (1988). Sunshine Books (Wendy Pye). Written by Fleur Adcock. Translated into Spanish.

No Dinner for Sally (1988). Shortland Publications (NZ). Written by Margaret Mahy.


Anthologies and references

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